Your links to other sites creates a backlink for them. but we mark them as rel="nofollow" so we don't harm our own seo. On your dashboard when creating a link there is an option to select rel nofollow. Do Not use this option for links to other pages within your own site, or to your social pages.
<a href=”” rel=”nofollow”>short anchor text</a>

Outbound links that are not to your social pages rel=”nofollow” internal links should not be dynamic ( and should be (seo url)  /dresses/1234

Relative url is /dress.html and absolute url is

Canonical url links is what we would usually select to use, or for internal /dresses/1234
<a href="" rel="canonical">short description of dress</a> 

Canonical means preferred url above dynamic. We have to tell google which is the Canonical so they don’t read both pages and penalize us for having duplicates. #SEOservices #TheProfessor 

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