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Custom Website Developer of responsive E-commerce stores

The Professor, Domain name, and Hosting Provider PrintingREADY

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PrintingREADY | The Professor - Domain Names and Hosting Provider for  Custom Website Developer of responsive E-commerce stores here to browse and sign-up for us to transfer your existing domain over to us eliminating your current hosting fees to just $111.94 for the whole year This includes a domain registered in your name, hosting for the year and SSL, security certificate. All with a cPanel and admin dashboard. 

If choosing #TheProfessor to build your site, we offer two distinct options. #1 Informational or first website - A five page website #2 Custom Ecommerce store package each with choice of layout options to choose from
or you may simply just require some editing done on current hosting provider site. Website services - building and editing
* List of our Portfolio websites and demo stores.
* #1 hosting fees are $50 per month, not included with package price. - includes SEO and listing in google search engine all done for you.
* #2 hosting fees are included. This is initially a cheaper option, however SEO and further editing is an optional extra.

What you get with our website package options

* Unlimited or Products - contact, terms, about us….
* Your very own and secure domain email – (same as url domain).
* Online shopping facility. Includes payments going directly in to your bank. (unlimited products)
* One place to direct all customers – even from other sites and mentions you already have.
* mailing lists – keeping customers up to date and in touch with offers and events.
* FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) – A place with the common answers to help the customer select you as their choice.

This is intended to be online within 1-2 days, with the content as you request completed within 5-10 days.
subsequent changes may be made by us at your request anytime, although may incur an additional one time fee, and these changes completed within 7 days.

Having a website does indeed incur a regular fee to maintain the presence online. This is for:-
#1 Annual Domain name and registration (website proof of ownership).
#2 SSL annual security certificate.
#3 Hosting Provider. Is a company to be a ‘home’ for your site and display online. 

Total $111.94 per year, one time payment (if purchasing a website package these are included, meaning nothing else to pay for the first year), which may increase with any sources price increase.

Example:- (Initial build/setup (one-time cost) and config $425 = $35.42 per month for first year), every subsequent years $111.94 (= $9.33 per month) paid yearly

Our SEO services to you Include:-

On-page SEO is the practice of optimizing web pages for search engines. It involves modifying elements such as the page title, meta description, URL,
On-page optimization: From blog posts to product pages, content is carefully enhanced to rank, engage, and convert
Technical SEO is the process of optimizing your website so that search engines can effectively crawl and index it. Website security improvements: Increasing your website’s security by implementing protocols such as Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) and Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)
Duplicate content analysis: Finding and addressing duplicate content issues. Having the same content across multiple web pages can confuse search engines as to which page to display in search results.
Mobile optimization: Optimizing a website in such a way as to ensure that it displays and works as intended on mobile devices Robots.txt analysis: Reviewing your robots.txt file to make sure you’re not blocking access to important pages for search engine crawlers Structured data implementation: Implementing structured data to help Google better understand your web pages
Ecommerce SEO service provider specialize in helping ecommerce businesses improve their search engine rankings

Brand: The Professor Model: Website Developer
The Professor | PrintingREADY Providing email hosting, website domain names,..
$328.00 $359.00
Brand: The Professor Model: Website Developer
The Professor | PrintingREADY Providing email hosting, website domain names,..
Brand: The Professor Model: Website Developer
The Professor | PrintingREADY Providing email hosting, website domain names,..
$1,259.00 $1,386.00
Brand: The Professor Model: Website Editing
The Professor | PrintingREADY Providing email hosting, website domain names,..
$225.00 $249.00
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