The difference between a product and a service.
 Is cheaper really worse?

As a society we are generally are taught that ‘cheaper’ is not the way to go, because to make cheaper you of course expect a less inferior items to make that product and be able to offer at a lower price. However this statement can only be true when related to a product either physical or digital, but not when referring to a service. Lets look at a particular example ie websites and what’s involved.

It doesn’t matter where you purchase a domain name from, it’s just a name, nothing changes between each provider, they are all the same. and all are registered on a national database to prove ownership. This is a service. SSL (site security certificate). http or https There are different levels of security, but in essence they all serve the same purpose in providing security for your online store, just at various levels. This is a service, nothing changes between one provider or another, once install and configured it just sits there until it’s due to be renewed. Website Hosting. This is a space on a ‘computer’ designated for your website, your actual online store. Again a service that will just sit there (unless an error occurs that requires tech help to fix), different providers use different ‘computers’ that cost different amounts to handle different amounts of clients and the space/speed needed. Building online store (website content). This is where everything changes with each provider, or person building the store itself. This is a product (digital) that is different each place that you source from. While a ‘product’ that can be made with any number of codes and software to edit/build a site, they all result (in our cases) as a store allowing a customer to buy products from you, and prices change with the persons knowledge and experience. However this is where value is placed on a persons service and time and not a physical product made by that person. But the reason for price differences is depicted by the persons values of themselves and what they are able to achieve.

Lets throw a spanner in the works… specifically #TheProfessor services offered. Cheaper is actually better! Because it comes from my faith, and not from the need to be a financial success. Which is not what is expected in society, being that ‘money matters’.