"The world is digital - and don't understand and single word you're saying"
All websites require marketing and they do this in many ways. One of the main ways we all get on google and the search engines is to push for it to happen but unfortunately google pays more attention to money which isn't right or fair and even then still a competition to gain the right spot, but it's just another business. Lucky for us we each can still gain our portion without paying for it and this is by advertising just like sending out emails to our mailing lists, flyers in the mail boxes, posting in groups and on our own pages. Ultimately all this work gets us the traffic we want, but also shows google we have an active and popular site, so they give us extra 'points'! But there are others 'points' to be gained and I push alot and that's using 'better' and more of the right scripts throughout our site. What this means is the internet is all digital... a computer and limited to it's understanding so we have to present ourselves in a certain way to be understood - by using scripts, bits of code that the search engines can interpret easier. The point is that each of us on the world wide web write differently and confuses the digital world and requires these codes, scripts to be uniform but also includes a certain layout so far as identified titles, bold headings, named images (search engines can't see the picture, so we MUST give that picture a title and description just as well as the rest of our page). There are also scripts to tell the 'world' our name, and where we are (address, for google maps), phone number for skype, and whatsapp. all this making is easier and better for our customers to search using our business name. Now doesn't matter where your website is hosted, using wix, shopify, even a store on etsy or ebay they all need you to insert relevant keywords, but it doesn't stop there because the internet has evolved and now reads another language not just keywords anymore, but now also the format called SEO (search engine optimization). Then we have to write our products up in a way the entices the customers to buy. simply writing "white personalised mug" isn't enough.

#1 host and register your domain - (websites must be registered to prove ownership), and as part of choosing us to host your business instead of shopify, or wix etc is we provide the tools you need FREE without charging any additional fees such as having a shopping cart. Secure Email hosting server. A professional alternative to using a gmail, or yahoo email address.
#2 build your website, with varying options and additional tools. All our sites permit the uploading of images by the customer. and the selling of digital downloads.
#3 insert and edit the scripts for marketing
#4 provide email tools with your mailing list(s)
>#5 online product designers - to improve the customer experience on your site...just like customer service is very important with physical locations and talking on the phone.
#6 all the tools and features (cPanel, databases, forms, animation images...) to build your site the way you want to present it.
#7 SSL, security certificates this is more a requirement now-days by browsers providing customers information about us being genuine (this is also available at various levels).

*FTP = A facility used instead of uploading a image etc we use this the better access and bulk upload to our server (file transfer protocol). to edit maintain files on our website to make the site work on the digital world. *cPanel = A folder containing all the apps you may every need. you get to choose which you activate and benefit from.