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Site Build Packages

Website Builds and Maintenance.

We offer a selection of website packages for you to choose from - Which features/layout options would you like?
Only $30-45 per year, single payment - after initial build costs. Everything is paid for the first year inclusive.
(this includes your domain name and hosting with SSL) We'll transfer your domain to our servers removing current hosting fees and replace with our lower rates.

We will build and configure your new website to your specs, or we offer to maintain your existing website.

References - Sites we've built:- (the differences are in the extra features and the way the sites are laid out)

Package II | w/Online Designer Package III (includes Photo Portfolio) w/Online Designer  |  | w/Online Designer + chat | w/Online Designer
Brand: The Laughing Professor Model: One Page Site
The Laughing Professor | PrintingREADY 24 years sublimation printer, teaching and supplies. PrintingREADY ..
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