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16 Jul Talking about websites
Griffiths Paul 0 3
Talking about websites one thing websites are ‘graded’ on is reputation and age of the domain. Meaning that a new domain that only getting traffic from facebook, will not be ranker nearly as high in search engines that is older and getting traffic fr..
21 Aug The world is digital - and don't understand and single word you're saying
Griffiths Paul 0 196
Marketing your Website. "The world is digital - and don't understand and single word you're saying".All websites require marketing and they do this in many ways. One of the main ways we all get on google and the search engines is to push for it to ha..
03 Aug Background Checks and Due Diligence
Griffiths Paul 0 185
With almost everyone buying and selling on the internet, it becomes even more important to know who you are dealing with and many people do this simply by reading reviews on a particular company or product etc. There are other means also available ..
16 Jul Website Scripts - help/tips
Griffiths Paul 0 678 ( If you want to use yoursite with "www" )define('HTTP_SERVER', '');define('HTTPS_SE..
02 Aug Captcha
Griffiths Paul 0 1587
We include the Basic Captcha with all our sites, and provide the option to upgrade this to the google captcha. These prevent spam mail, and when upgraded, 'block' with even better protection...
01 May Website Packages
Griffiths Paul 2 9144
We currently offer three different website packages all built on a platform called opencart. Each package varies in the layout and the added features...
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